Bitcoin faucets

Bitcoin and altcoin faucets are websites that offer you a small amount of cryptocurrency for free. Unfortunately traditional faucets these days are very uncomfortable to use because no advertisement network exisits these days that can provide a normal revenue to a faucet owner without compromising on the quality of the user-experience the site can give (several pop up ads, NSFC content). It was not faucets were originally created for, they were created to introduce people to the world of cryptocurrencies by giving them a small amount to get started with. I hope the situation in the future will improve and a new usable ad network will appear . (of course there are a few exceptions in the traditional faucet scene too, but they are mostly with non-profit intentions) For now: feel free to check out the best faucets out there that can provide you with a small amount of free satoshi and alo at the same time gives you a fun and relaxing experience, a good way to spend you free time. If you don't have a bitcoin address or just want to learn about bitcoin in general

Little World of Satoshi

In the game you race against other players navigating a chicken through an island, collecting coins. Don't miss the Chocolate Time! The Saturday and Sunday, at 17:00 UTC, for one hour, the value of the coin is increased. Once a day, LWOS offers a Lottery where you can also earn some extras (various altcoins). You can also participate in the forum and onsite chat for easy communication with other players.

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Faucetgaming network

These websited definitely offer some of the best websites withing the faucet world i was talking about earlier. They are with various styles and content to offer everyone a change to find their favourite and use it. To withdraw from these faucets people open an account on (microwallet service)

Virtual Pub

Guide to the world of altcoins

Bitcoin is the most improtant and prominent cryptocurrency and it'll probably remain so in the future. But there's more to the cryptoworld then bitcoins. An impressive number of altcoins have been created. The greater part of these altcoins bring nothing to the world of crypto-currencies. But hopefully in the future some coins will emerge that can have a meaningful existence and a real value to add to the world of cryptocurrencies.

It's a jungle out there with so many cryptocoins! How can I learn to earn with them?

If you are interested to learn more I recommend you to try out with some low-risk cheap coins and experience what you can do on certain cryptocurrency exchanges with them (trading, arbitrage). Educate yourself: read forum and often read the trollboxes in exchange chatrooms, because this way you can earn a lot about the dynamic of the alternative cryptocurrency world. Useful forums for you to visit and join:

If you are new to the world of altcoins i have one advice: always look for the coins with a meaningful project, active support team behind them. Fortunately there has been several efforts to introduce people to the world of altcoins in for of several faucets offering a small portion of a coin. Check some of them out below:

Altcoin Faucets offers more than 20 kind of various altcoin faucets. However you have to register at their site to use them.

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