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Autofaucet.org - review


Autofaucet.org is one of those long running, reliable autofaucets on the internet good. In a way is very similar to firefaucet, except here you have no minimum withdrawal and here you find more currencies. After you do some actions it provides you with a passive way to earn coins, just sit back and watch it growgood. The objective is to collect FCT tokens that you can use to claim from the faucet or if you wish convert manually to any of your chosen currency.

How to get FCT tokens

goodDo offerwalls - this is the most profitable one, but most of them does not work is most countries. Fortunately autofaucet.org also offers some that do work for all

goodDo shortlinks - this is not the most comfortable one, but you know - pop-ups can be blocked easily

goodPTC ads - users of the site buys these ads who want to advertise and you can profit by clicking on them

goodDaily bonus - That is marked as a coming soon option

goodMining - goodMining good XMR for the site with your CPU, you have more options. You can simply choose the browser mining interface by choosing how many cores of your computer you want to use, but the site also offers a GUI miner and a tutorial how to do command line mining. The last 2 definitely give more hashrate than the 1st one. The site also offers a website plugin for website owners to insert and mine off from their visitors (not recommended). If you choose to do mining, only do it with a high-end computer and goodmonitor your CPU's temperature all the timegood. You can convert your mined hashed to FCT token at a 26315 HASH = 1 FCT rate.

Once you have enough FCT tokens you can start the faucet: decide which coins you want to claim at which interwals and you can also set a payout boost, but that will take away more points from your balance. You can claim multiple coins at the same time. You can set your payout option: Website balance (1% bonus), faucetpay.io or expresscrypto.io.io accounts - of course the ones that each microwallet supports.

The available coins are a lot:goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood

If you don't wish to run the faucet, you can choose the manual claim option from the faucet where you can directly exchange your FCT points to coins too. The site also has an exchange where you can convert you balance between any curriencies of your choice

The direct to microwallet withdrawal options are definitely more comfortable than waiting up to reach a withdrawal limit, so this way I can recommend this site.There also a menu that says games, but it is also marked as coming soon. Autofaucet.org is good, if you like these kind of sites, it definitely worth a visit from you . So go: