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Bitearns - review


Bitearns is basically a good faucet that seem to be paying a little more then the others good. The objective is naturally to collect and claim from various opportunities. Note: good the reason why this site pays more is the pop-under on almost every click, but if you can get used to that it good definitely worth a try. good

How can I claim good?

goodClaim from faucet: you can do that every 2 minutes, the current rate is 5 satoshi per claim. There are a limited number of claims though but you can get more is you acquire evergy from doing shortlink, ptc, offers

goodDo shortlinks - this is not the most comfortable one, but you know - pop-ups can be blocked easily

goodPTC ads - users of the site buys these ads who want to advertise and you can profit by clicking on them

goodOfferwalls - Only Asiamag is added, which is available for all countries

Once you have 100 satoshi collected you can withdraw to your chosen microwallet: faucetpay.io or expresscrypto.io.io accounts. Nice and easy.


You can deposit BTC if you would like to buy advertisements on the site. Current rate is 1 advertising coin = 1 satoshi. Site uses coinbace ecommerce plugin so you can pay via coinbase or in BTC, BCH, LTC. the advertising rates are:

Second Coin per view
5 2
12 4
16 5
30 11
60 20
100 22

The site also have a telegram group if you would like to visit:

In general it is a nice website, among the bests if you would like to collect some free good satoshi in your free time.