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Expesscrypto.marketing - review

This site is just starting out good and if it gets more users i'm sure later there'll be a lot more ads to click on. All depends on the popularity and the marketing they'll use. For now it is a simple paid to click site with extra games to earn good. The site also offers something else too i'll write about later called revenue sharing.

How to earn satoshis

goodPaid to click - The site offers paid to click ads to earn and advertisers are also able to buy ads at a relatively low price of 10 satoshi per click.

goodPaid to surf ads - Watch ads to earn

goodGames - Play lottery and hi/lo games to multiply your earning

goodRevenue sharing - Buy shares and earn every day

Revenue sharing

How does it works? By investing in 1 share (0.00010000 BTC) you will receive 0.5% of this value per day for 128 days adding up to a total of 0.00006400 BTC (64% GUARANTEED RETURN!). goodHonestly 128 day in a faucet's life is a loooooooooong time and it is not clear to me how they get the revenue for this to pay users so i'm not recommending this feature. goodI'm not an investment adviser and I no way take any responsibility on the actions you do. Consider your own experiences and decide yourself what you wish to do. Honestly i'll not invest, but maybe you thing differently - and never forget the golden rule: only invest as much as you are willing to loose. The best for now is to use the free features of the site only and if you are a webmaster use the advertising feature to gain more users for yourself too.

The withdrawal limit is 25 satoshi to your expresscrypto.io.io accounts..

I advise you to check this site out to find new fun sites to visit - also I didn't encounter any annoying ads while browsing this site, neither pop-ups or redirects. New aspiring webmasters often use paid to click advertisements to have more visitors, so see it as a chance to get on these early. And of course you can also advertise your own site if you have one.