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Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet

Firefaucet is one of the oldest running, most reliable autofaucet that is online for several years now. I will give you a lot more reward on average than a regular faucet. An autofaucet is a site where you can earn passively after completing some actions. Here your main task is to collect ACP - auto claim points.

How to get auto claim points? You have several options.

goodDo offerwalls - this is the most profitable one, but most of them does not work is most countries. Fortunately firefaucet also offers some that do work for all

goodDo shortlinks - this is not the most comfortable one, but you know - pop-ups can be blocked easily

goodPTC ads - users of the site buys these ads who want to advertise and you can profit by clicking on them

goodDaily bonus - you win a certain amount of points every day by solving a capcha

goodFaucet - you can claim for some points every 30 minutes

goodTasks - gain rewards by completing certain actions - for example claiming from faucet or doing shortlink certain amount of times

Once you have enough points you can start the faucet: decide which coins you want to claim at which interwals and you can also set a payout boost, but that will take away more points from your balance. You can claim multiple coins at the same time.

The available coins are:goodgoodgoodgoodgoodgoodgood

If you don't wish to run the faucet, you can directly exchange your ACP points to coins too, but with a fee

Once you have enough coins you can withdraw 2 ways - to your faucetpay.io microwallet account or directly to your wallet. For some coins only direct withdrawal available, but as faucetpay.io recently added TRX to their site, it is possible that it will change in the future. The withdrawal limits are:

Coin Faucetpay mini Direct mini Supported methods
BTC 0.001 0.003 FP/DW
DOGE 100 200 FP/DW
ETH 0.003 0.02 FP/DW
TRX - 40 Direct only
DASH 0.012 0.014 FP/DW
DGB 45 50 FP/DW
LTC 0.007 0.014 FP/DW
ZEC - 0.01 Direct only

There is also a possibility for you to exchange coins directly with the site's very own exchange for some fee.

if you would like to support the site you can buy premium membership even from your site balance as low as 3 days. The site also have a chat option for the users with a big community.

Fire Faucet : The Best Auto Faucet