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Freebcc - review


Today I would like to introduce you a very clean looking faucet good. The faucet part of it is very easy with no shortlink and besides that is also aims to provide some educational crypto related materials to read. One more thing you notive fast is that the owner writes very delicately, in detail. It is a nice and refresfhing thing to see. He also uses colours and fonts that are clean and easy to see good. The old truth is coming alive in front of our eyes here: sometimes less is more warning though
The site does not accepts users from the following countries:

Russia, Ukraine, Indinesia, Nigeria

I know that many website owners have negative experiences with these sites, but I don't think it is the way to block full countries out of a service. The security of the website is the responsibility of the dev and this generalization is not the solution to a problem. Hackers and botters are individual people and not whole countries. I really think this is not the way.

How to earn tokens?

goodFaucet - The how to claim menu at the top explains it in detain how to claim: choose your duration: 1 minute = 2 tokens, 5 minutes = 5 tokens, 15 minutes = 12 tokens, 30 minutes = 18 tokens. Choose wisely because you can't change this after, if you try you'll get a warning message that a claim has already been made from your ip. it is a 2 pager: 1st you solve captcha (a pop up will be triggered) and then you click next. There you wait out a timer and click complete. Your claim is valid for 60 seconds. After you have fisihed you wait out the timer you have chosen and repeat.

Microwallet descriptions

There is a menu that aims to introduce you to the most popular microwallets out there:

Faucet list

There is a faucet list menu but it does not contain much, only the most popular faucets these day:freebitcoin, focusgames, cointiply, firefaucet and the coinpot faucets


Withdrawals are available in 3 currencies good good good once a day into your expresscrypto.io.io microwallet account if you have reached 100 tokens. Be careful to delete the 0 when setting up your expresscrypto user id, because you can't edit that later.

All in all this site can give you a nice experience with the work of an experienced dev if you register so feel free to give it a visit. Also one more positive this is definitely the clean ads, the only place where you'll encounter pop-ups is the faucet page.