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Freebitcoin.win - review


Freebitcoin.win is a multicoin faucet where you can earn several coins in multiple ways. It is not just a faucets, also offers competitions and games to have fun too. i'll aim to inrtoduce to you know what you can do on that sitegood. The only negative thing that can be really annoying is the several pop-under good on almost every click and sometimes a redirect will also hijack your site, but if you can get through that you'll have a good time. I can't wait for the time advertising networks realise how uncomfortale and not user friendly this ad format is and they'll come up with an alternative.

How to earn coins?

goodAutofaucet/faucet - For the simple faucet click on the earn more menu and choose it - you'll get some free crypto after choosing a simple capcha, you can do this every 30 seconds. Current rates are (they so change periodically): good - 6 satoshi, good - 450 satoshi, good - 10 million satoshi (0.1 good). For the autofaucet click on the setting tab to see wich coin you would like to claim (good, good, good, good) to set a reward and a timer then start the autofaucet. The amount is deducted from your balance so without balance you can't run this.

goodDo shortlinks - this is not the most comfortable one, but you know - pop-ups can be blocked easily. You can get rewards for the shortlinkwall in good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good

goodPTC ads - users of the site buys these ads who want to advertise and you can profit by clicking on them. You can convert you insite balance to ad credits if you wish to use this feature or buy credits with good or good.

goodGames - play slot or dice games to multiply your earnings

goodBonuses - Daily/weekly/Loyaly bonuses, i'll write a little more about that later.

goodMining - goodMining good XMR for the site with your CPU in a simple browser mining interface by choosing how many cores of your computer you want to use. After 100000 confirmed hashes you earn 1 satoshi by clicking on claim your earnings. If you choose to do mining, only do it with a high-end computer and goodmonitor your CPU's temperature all the timegood.


The loyalty bonus means 1% daily earning increase every time you visit a link with the maximum of 30% reachable. The daily bonus the top 3 most active claimers will get a prize of 1500-1000-500 satoshi respectively. It the Weekly bonus the top claimers from the good faucets will get reward in for of % extras 75%-51%-25%. For example If you claim 10,000 sat this week and you reach 1st place, you get another 7,500 sat added to your balance!

Withdrawals are available to direct wallet (good, good, good), coinbase, faucetpay.io, expresscrypto.io.io microwallet account - of course the ones that each microwallet supports.

The limits with direct withdrawal (might take up to a week) are: 0.001 good 0.14 good, 30 good, to coinbase (2-3 times a week) 0.00002 good, 0.1 good, faucetpay.io (2-3 times a week) 2000 satoshi, expresscrypto.io (once a day) good, good, good, dgb, good, good 11 satoshi, good, good, good, good, good 1 satoshi

The several different claiming opportunities and games makes this site above average . It has several active users and the owner is a seasoned, experienced developer.

All in all despite of the heavy ads this site is very good (because of that they can pay over the average), if you like these kind of sites, it definitely worth a visit from you. So go: