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Little World of Satoshi - review

LWOS went online as back as the year of 2016. Originally the game was on a different path (farming simulator basically with extras) but that had to take a more simple path. So this 3d, multiplayer browser game was born - Chicken Islands . You know it is definitely one of those fun and unique faucets that are not full of disturbing ads and gives people a fun free time experience. The site went through several improvement since it was born, but the
good basic of the game good remained: collect coins, bring it back to your spawns and it is yours!

See this picture: here you have collected coins but did not secure them, it is in red.


Here you see the secured coins that are already yours because you went back with them to the spawn.


goodThere are several islands you can explore, some with special extras: coin farming, farm locking, bombing and more in various weather conditions

goodSome islands posts you some good danger goodin which you can encounter wolfs good or eat mushrooms good that will have a funny effect on you

There is a detailed how to play guide on the site that explains the process

You start with 20 games daily by default but you can play a card game if you with to win more games
You can also try your luck with the daily lottery the site offers.

The game was originally created good with desktops and laptops goodin mind so you need a good GPU and internet connection to be able to play it at its fully extent. The game is so-so playable on very high end mobile or tablets to, but not in a good quality

Withdrawal is available starting from 1 satoshi to expresscrypto.io microwallet or 20000 satoshi weekly directly to your wallet. There is also a friendly chatroom if you have questions or just you would like to socialize.

There were obviously better times but still worth to check it out if you would like to see a good fun faucet good without filling capchas and dealing with annying pop ups. All in all fun game style faucets are less and less these days, so if you like that kind of things, definitely take a look at: