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Rollercoin - review

Rollercoin is a btc mining simulator good faucet game wehre you can simply play short games to get hashpower. You can choose to mine 3 coins: BTC, ETH, DOGE and every time a block is mined with those currencies a certain amount of coins is distributed within the players based on how much hashpower they have. You can also find educational charts and informations about the current network hashpowers of these coins. Well gamy style and fun so if you like these type of sites, definitely give it a go good.

How to get hashpower?

It is very simple - by playing short browser games as many times a day as you want ! Each games lasts only for a minute or so with a 40 second cooling time, but meanwhile you can play ther games too (currently 9 available)

Well the hashpower you gain from these gain only lasts for 24 hours, but you can buy permanent miners and racks if you choose from your website's balance or depositing coins. The site is also working on to develop its own token that will be implemented on the ethereum blockchain, once it is done it will be the primary method to purchase in game elements. There is a token sale going on. I don't think it is a good idea, because the fees are extremely high on the ethereum network. Many chooses to develop tokens on the good network instead.

The withdrawal method is direct to wallet only with the following limitations

The available coins are:goodgoodgood

Coin Whitdrawal mini
BTC 0.001
DOGE 360
ETH 0.004

The site also have several social media accounts

It is definitely less comfortable good to wait to reach a high withdrawal limit than withdrawing to microwallets, but that's the way it is good. All in all despite the few downsides i recommend this site , so go give a visit to: