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Top 10 expressrypto.io faucets - review

Here I aim to review and test the top 10 expresscrypto.io top BTC faucets based on their user count LWOS (info from their official faucet list as of today 2020.08.01.). Of course this list can change, but I think user count is a good indication of which sites are visited by people the most time. Of course it is only my opinion and the false proxy/vpn detection i've faced with 3 sites may not occur to most - so feel free to visit those LWOS.


This is a simple makejar script based faucet that advertises itself as: "Bitcoinly New Faucet- Claim Up To 50 Satoshi With Unlimited Claims No Timer". You can claim after filling a required shortlink to your expresscrypto.io.io account. You'll most likely recieve 5-6 satoshi on average - which is ok. But here's the catch: You'll have to wait 60 minutes until the next claim! So unlimited my.. The faucet works but lying to get more traffic and users is not appealing in my eyes


Not much to review because it makes me all the time as using VPN/Proxy! Well i'm not , I have a dynamic IP address as many other users do, these detection services probably have a lot of false positives. I'm sorry, but it a webmaster uses this it should be fully a professional service that doesn't detect this way. I would like to use this faucet, because I heard a lot about it, but obviously can't.


A site where you can do a lot : Auto and traditional faucet, games , ptc, daily/weekly bonus competitions, mining, shortlinks with 4 currencies btc doge ltc dgb. You can withdraw direct to wallet, coinbase, faucetpay.io, expresscrypto.io.io or Kswallet microwallet accounts with a fairly minimum withdrawal fee. But dang.......so many pop unders on almost every click. A more detailed review will come about this site soon!


A traditional claim and wait type of faucet powered by coinbox scrypt. Basically you can claim 5-50 satoshi every 0 minutes with 10+ claims per day. Of course you'll have to fill in a shortlink, but I love this warning before filling the required short link: "ATTENTION! You may be directed to short links with PORN ADS. My test claim gave me 15 satoshi. I think it is a solid, traditional faucet with not much hussle and a unique design .


17 faucet paying to in 17 currencies and 4 faucets paying to in 4 currencies. In each faucets you can claim 0.0012 USD worth of crypto 20 times per day after solving a shortlink. But hello - it also detects my ip as proxy/VPN - so.. But for users it looks a nice and clean faucet to solve .


I wrote about this site here account. A faucet similar to firefaucet where you have to collect tokens that you can exchange for coins or run autofaucets .


A simple and nice looking site where you can claim: Claim 9 Satoshis every 7 minutes on Manual Faucet, AutoFaucet Auto claim every 2 minutes, Random chance of getting 1x, x3 or x5 of the base reward value, Free daily claim credits for AutoFaucet. But hello, this site also ask me to switch off my VPN/proxy - that I never use .


This is a simple makejar script based faucet. Claim 10 (90%), 100 (5%), 200 (5%) satoshi every 360 minutes with 4 daily claims. Well solid and simple, so not much hussle. The no shortlink is a huge bonus .


An autofaucet where you can run 1 hour of autoclaim after filling a shortlink (adding time with more shortlinks if you want). It is more like a "level up" faucet for expresscrypto, it sends you 1 satoshi of a random coin there every half minute. A plus side is that you can close the tab and the claiming doesn't stop .


At 10th place is a newbie friendly network..no requirements to use them basically and they do offer several ad formats. But as they count only unique views, not much revenue can be expected - a positive side that they even pay out to expresscrypto for 1 satoshi daily , which is very user friendly.